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Two major components

A multi-actors (state and non-state) action plan

For improved soil carbon management in order to fight against poverty and food insecurity, while contributing to the adaptation to/ and mitigation of climate change, through:

  • The implementation at the local level of agricultural and environment management practices conducive to soil restoration, to the increase of their organic carbon stock and to the protection of carbon-rich soils and biodiversity,
  • The setting up of training and knowledge dissemination programs to promote these practices
  • The funding of projects to restore, improve and / or preserve carbon stocks in soils
  • The development and implementation of appropriate public policies and tools
  • The development of agricultural supply chains respecting soils…

An international programme for research and scientific cooperation

"Carbon in soils: a food security issue", covering four complementary scientific questions:

  • The study of the mechanisms and the estimation of soil carbon storage potential by regions and systems
  • The evaluation of the performance of sound farming practices and their consequences on CO2 sequestration and on other production and regulation services
  • The support and stimulation  of innovations through appropriate policies
  • The monitoring and assessment of the variation of carbon stocks in soils, especially for farmers

Adapted funding and development policies

To ensure that joint action by all stakeholders brings results and that the agricultural sector contributes to food security, climate change adaptation and mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions, new funding needs to be raised and appropriate development policies must be implemented.

The "4 per 1000" Initiative also strengthens existing synergies and consistencies between the three major Rio Conventions, the Committee on World Food Security, the Global Soil Partnership and the Sustainable Development Goals adopted in September 2015. The principles of the "4 per 1000" initiative are fully consistent with the World Soils Charter (1988/2015).

The "4 per 1000" Initiative promotes the implementation of the actions of these two components

  • By promoting at the international level the interest of sustainable soil management for food security and climate
  • By proposing a project evaluation framework based on the principles and objectives of the initiative
  • By providing a collaborative platform that facilitates exchanges and the capitalization of experiences between actors on the implementation of concrete actions
  • By recognizing the exemplary qualities of some projects that match the Initiative’s objectives
  • By creating a digital resource center on the issue of soil carbon management