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Upcoming events linked to the Initiative

Global Symposium on Salt-Affected Soils - October 27-29, 2021- ONLINE

Given the current threat of salt-affected soils and their impact on food security, FAO, the Global Soil Partnership and its Intergovernmental Technical Panel on Soils (ITPS) together with the Republic of Uzbekistan, will be organizing the Global Symposium on Salt-Affected Soils.
More information here.

COP26 postponement to Nov 1st -12, 2021

The COP26 UN climate change conference set to take place in Glasgow in November 2020 has been postponed due to COVID-19 to November 1st - 12, 2021.

The 4th Initiative Day will be held on Nov.10, 2021:

COP26 website

31st International Horticultural Congress - Aug 14-20, 2022 - Angers, France

The International Horticultural Congress (IHC) is the most important scientific event organised every four years since 1959 in the fields related to Horticulture* under the auspices of ISHS (International Society for Horticultural Science). ISHS is a truly global network comprising over 6,000 members. Its aim is to promote and foster research and education in horticultural science and to facilitate cooperation and knowledge transfer on a global scale through events and publications. In a different continent every 4 years (...2010 Lisbon - 2014 Brisbane - 2018 Istanbul...), IHC regroups many divisions and commissions-symposia. The backbone of the congress will be built on four challenges:

  1. Competitiveness and skills for horticultural value chains
  2. Food, human health and well-being of citizens
  3. Sustainability of production systems
  4. Adaptation to climate changes and effect mitigation

They will be the leading topics of the four planned plenary sessions where Grand keynote speakers will be invited to bring in and express their external and critical views. These four topics will also be the common thread all along the 25 symposia. In addition, many important and topical subjects will be addressed such as: breeding, biodiversity, organic farming urban horticulture, new technologies for phenotyping, precision horticulture,… Abstract submission is now open until Nov. 15, 2021.

Congress website



Past events linked to the initiative

Eurosoil 2020: Connecting people and soil - 23 - 27 august 2021 - online

Eurosoil 2020 objective was to bring together leading research scientists working on soil related topics and stakeholders dealing with issues of public concern such as soil degradation and consequences of climatic changes. The important bridging role of soil practitioners to translate scientific knowledge into practice will be emphasized. The initiative 4 per 1000 co-organized with Desertnet International a session titled "The Agricultural fields - Opportunities and limits of carbon and water storage” featuring oral and poster presentations, with a presentation of Dr Claire Chenu, vice chair of the Scientific and Technical Committee of the 4 per 1000 Initiative and Dr Jean-Luc Chotte, member of the Bureau of the Initiative

Conference website:

e-Forum - Planet A - 24 juin 2021 - 14h-17h30

L’agriculture, garante de l’approche One Health : enjeux, innovations et bonnes pratiques

Cette approche fondée sur l’interdépendance des santés humaines et animales et de celles des écosystèmes dans lesquels elles coexistent (les sols, l’eau, et l’air) a fait l’objet de nombreux travaux. La crise sanitaire de la Covid-19 a encore davantage sensibilisé à l’impact de la perte de biodiversité́ sur l’émergence de pandémies.​​​​​​​Dans un format qui rassemblera - en plateau et en ligne - acteurs de l’agriculture, experts internationaux, décideurs publics et associations, nous échangerons sur les solutions concrètes pour aller plus loin dans l’évolution de notre rapport à l’agriculture.

Informations et inscription

1ère Conférence Nationale de la Compensation Carbone - 23 juin 2021 - online

Pour répondre à l’enjeu mondial de lutte contre le changement climatique, un engagement ambitieux de neutralité carbone à l’horizon 2050 a été pris lors de l’Accord de Paris. Les entreprises sont un maillon clé de cet engagement et doivent s’impliquer pleinement dans une démarche de neutralité, en adoptant la logique “réduire, remplacer, compenser” car ce sera de plus en plus pour elles une condition de la poursuite de leur activité. Pour les inciter à agir et clarifier le sujet de la compensation carbone volontaire, Orygeen et Everwood lancent Neutrality, la première Conférence Nationale de la Compensation Carbone. Plusieurs ateliers ont été organisés, l'un intitulé "Comment choisir un projet et l'intégrer à la chaîne de valeur de son entreprise" a été animé par Paul Luu, Secrétaire Exécutif de l'initiative 4p1000, et visait à répondre aux questions suivantes : Quels projets de compensation carbone liés à l’agriculture et aux arbres non forestiers ? Une opportunité pour transformer les pratiques agricoles ? Quel modèle économique et quel prix acceptable par les entreprises ? Comment profiter du lien avec la chaîne de valeurs des entreprises de l’agroalimentaire ?

Plus d'infos sur

Soil and the green deal - June 22, 2021 - online

This Renew Europe webinar addressed the role of soil and its contribution to the European Green Deal together with representatives from the European Environmental Agency, academia, farmers’ organisation, businesses and international initiatives in the field. A keynote speech was given by Mr Virginijus Sinkevičius, Commissioner for Environment, Oceans and Fisheries. Dr Paul Luu, 4p1000 Executive Secretary presented the Initiative 4 per 1000. 

ChangeNOW 2021 - May 27-29, 2021 - online

ChangeNOW is a startup that aims to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable world. Each year, the team identifies promising solutions for the planet and connects them to the resources that they need to scale. The ChangeNOW community of thousands of international changemakers includes startups, investors, organizations, corporations, institutions, media, talent… ChangeNOW 2021 in figures:

- 55,000 visitors to the platform

- Over 600,000 views in total

- 250 hours of recorded videos, all available for replay on the ChangeNOW platform and Youtube,

- More than 20,000 business interactions

- 167 countries

Dr Luu, 4p1000 Executive Secretary presented the Initiative 4 per 1000 during the session on carbone capture

Watch the video

ChangeNOW website

EU Green Week - 3 May to 13 June 2021 - online

The EU Green Week took place from 3 May to 13 June 2021 dedicated to the theme ZERO POLLUTION for healthier people and planet. In this framework, the Initiative 4 per 1000 held a virtual fair  on the theme "Reducing Greenhouse Gas - air pollution through improved soil health". It was the opportunity to raise the voices of our "4 per 1000" partners and friends.

Watch the opening video of the virtual fair

Watch the video of  the “4 per 1000” Restoration in Action Official Event

Final conference of the H2020 project CIRCASA: Towards an International Research Consortium on Soil Carbon.- Feb. 10, 2021 - online

There was a grand 242 attendees from 49 countries! We are very pleased with this global outreach and greatly appreciate you joining us.
You can view the webinar recording here along with the slide-deck, you can find the summary of the event with the presentations on our website.

The International Research Consortium (IRC) on soil carbon will be rolled out next year and we will be sending news and further details to all Interested organizations in joining the IRC collaborative effort over the coming months. To formalize your interest in participating in the IRC, we kindly request you to send us the “expression of interest letter” (template), if you have not done it yet. If you have any questions or inquiries, we invite you to get in touch with Dr. Cristina Arias-Navarro:

Healthy soils to combat climate change and end hunger - January 21, 2021

The expert panel "Healthy Soils to Combat Climate Change and End Hunger" of the "4 per 1000" initiative was held as part of GFFA 2021. It was moderated by Dr. Paul Luu, Executive Secretary of the "4 per 1000" initiative. The Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture, Julia Klöckner, highlighted the importance of healthy soils and emphasized the importance of the "4 per 1000" initiative in an opening video. Wolfgang Zornbach, Head of Unit for Sustainability, Climate Protection and Climate Impacts at the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, emphasized the importance of carbon in soil in his speech, comparing it to a diamond. The panel was composed of representatives from four different stakeholder groups. Keynote speeches by the panelists were followed by a lively discussion.

Watch the videos


World Soil Day Celebration 2020 - Keep Soil Alive, Protect Soil Biodiversity - Dec. 5th, 2020

Held every year on 5 December since 2014, World Soil Day celebrates the importance of healthy soils for healthy food and a healthy life. In 2020, World Soil Day will celebrate soil biodiversity under the motto "Keep soils alive, protect soil biodiversity". This day is an opportunity to highlight the importance of soil biodiversity for sustaining life on Earth and providing an essential, nature-based solution to many of our current global challenges such as food security, climate change mitigation and adaptation and poverty reduction. This year, given the current situation, the celebration took place online in the presence of the FAO DG, the CBD Executive Secretary and renowned international guests. Furthermore, a global report entitled "State of Knowledge on Soil Biodiversity" was launched during the celebration. This assessment is the result of a collaborative effort of more than 300 scientists from around the world and is expected to become a springboard in the field of soil biodiversity. 

See the video made for the occasion by the 4p1000 communication team

Planet A - #AgriTalks’ - “Acting for the development of food and economic sovereignty” - Nov. 23, 2020 - online

At the end of 2020, planet A® organized a series of 4 webinars ‘#AgriTalks’ on the theme “Acting for the development of food and economic sovereignty”. Paul Luu, Executive Secretary of the “4 per 1000” initiative, participated (also moderator) in AgriTalks n°3: “Food Sovereignty and the environment: leverage to reconcile and guarantee healthy, sufficient food that respects biodiversity”. The synthesis and replays of each #AgriTalks are available by clicking here. To watch the intervention of the President of the French Republic, Mr. Emmanuel Macron, at the end of the series of these 4 webinars (December 8, 2020) click here.

Enhancing investment in soil health and carbon storage: Frontiers for linking finance and carbon accounting” - 10th September 2020 - ONLINE

This event is co-organized by CCAFS-CGIAR, The Nature Conservancy, 4 per 1000 Executive Secretariat, World Bank and the Meridian Institute.This webinar aimed to support investment promoting soil health and carbon storage by improving accounting for soil carbon sequestration. Emerging technologies and innovation are enabling lower cost accounting that could help investors better demonstrate performance toward climate and soil health impacts. Unlocking finance to better support soil health and carbon sequestration could be transformative for food systems and the climate. The event brought together 525 attendees from 69 countries! 
Read the SOC and Finance info note "How soil carbon accounting can improve to support investment- oriented actions promoting soil carbon storage
You can view the webinar recording here along with the slide-deck and other useful information regarding soil carbon accounting and finance:

Northeast Healthy Soil Network Symposium: Preparing the Northeast Agricultural Sector for an Uncertain Future - Feb 20-21, 2020 - Boston, USA

The Symposium “Agriculture and Climate in the Northeast: Soil and Ecosystem Health” was jointly organized by the Tufts Global Development and Environment Institute (GDAE) and by the Tufts Institute of the Environment (TIE) at TUFTS Unisersity and was sponsored by the French Ministry of Agriculture through the French Embassy in Washington D.C. and by the Consulate General of France in Boston. The Northeast Healthy Soil Network was gathering for this two-day symposium, to strengthen and aid the healthy soil movement in the Northeast region, by fostering communication and collaboration amongst all actors. 

The first day was an in-depth policy working group on regional strategies for strengthening and spreading healthy soil management strategies for members of the Northeast Healthy Soil Network with focus on two topics: farm viability and ecosystem service measurement. That first day gathered agricultural stakeholders already involved in soil health programming, business strategy or policy activity and encourage knowledge exchange between groups, that means mainly farmers, scientists, NGOS from the North-East States. It was the opportunity to gather agricultural stakeholders with a shared goal, to strengthen a regional framework of collaboration towards advancing healthy soil agriculture in their region. Central points about Network member’s projects, work and all stakeholders supporting the spread of healthy soil agriculture in the Northeast discussed will be formatted so they can be posted to the Soil First web platform, a new organizing space for the soil health movement.

The second day was introduced by the Consul General of France in Boston, Mr. Arnaud MENTREe, and 2 panels were presented during the morning:

  1. Panel 1: on climate emergency and potential for agriculture to be part of the solution – framing the issue at the global/international level with several presentations, among them one on the 4p1000 global network and the modeling of the transition of French Agriculture in a 4per1000 future, presented by Paul Luu.
  1. Panel 2, on the agricultural transition in the northeast: healthy soils for stronger viable farms and for climate adaptation and mitigation

In the afternoon, two Workshops were organized:

  1. Building the Heathy Soil Network in the Northeast US - Strengthening and Broadening the Northeast Healthy Soil Network: towards a regional coalition with report from Thursday Working Group.
  2. International Case Studies hosted by the 4per1000 initiative, moderated by Dr. Paul LUU - A conversation with French and American experts on the challenges and opportunities of agricultural transitions across the world with Dr. Laure BAMIERE (INRAE), Abad CHABBI (INRAE), Tim WISE (Small Planet Institute), Seth ITZKAN (soil4climate).

This Symposium was organized thanks to Mrs Josie WATSON and Prof. Anne-Marie CODUR from Tufts University. A big thank you to her two and all their team.

Watch and download presentations from the symposium website

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